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Norev is a French manufacturer of diecast metal model cars. Traditionally based in Villeurbanne, a suburb of Lyon.

It has normally produced modern and vintage European vehicles, especially those of French origin - though Italian, German, British, and American vehicles were also produced.

Norev's closest competition was Solido, but that company had more pan-European influence, while Norev was more national in orientation.


According to the official website, Norev was founded by the Veron brothers, in the suburb of Villeurbanne, near Lyon, France, in 1946 (Rixon 2005, p. 54).

Norev is the family name spelled backwards. In 1953, after the first plastics toy fair in Oyonnax, Joseph Veron started using the new plastic 'Rhodialite' for a series of toys (Ralston 2008, p. 25). The company's first product was a small tin service garage with several plastic cars in about 1/87 scale. Other products at the company's start were toy watches, miniature sewing machines, a doll's feeding set and other plastic toys for infants (Ralston 2008, p. 25).

Also in 1953, was the watershed of the first Norev vehicles to appear. These were in 1:43 scale and manufactured in plastic.The plastic series consisted of 12 vehicles up through 1956, but then expanded rapidly to more than 96 models in 1964 (Ralston 2008, p. 26). Force's book (1991, pp. 164–235) shows that throughout the whole run of all Norev vehicles, without regard to scale or type, models were sequentially numbered from the first car as no. 1 in plastic (a Simca Aronde - 1953-1956) through no. 899 in zamac (a VW Golf Rally - 1984-1988) and beyond. The early models had colorful unpainted bodies which was a main selling point (Ralston 2008, 25-26).

During this period, most of the models chosen were French marques such as the Simca Aronde (the first Norev model introduced), Renault 4CV, Ford Vedette, Peugeot 203, Citroen DS sedan, Renault Dauphine, Panhard Dyna, Renault 4 van, and the Renault Estafette van, among others (Ralston 2008, pp. 30-33).

As time passed, more non-French makes appeared like the Lancia Aurelia or Land Rover Expedition.










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